Kushboo Idly

Soft Fluffy idly

Here is a proven method to get soft and fluffy idlies.


1. Idli Rice : 10 cups




2. Sonam masoori rice : 2 cups




3. Urad daal : 3 cups




4. Fenu greek seeds : 3 – 4 table spoons

Salt and water as required.


Soak Rice and fenugreek together ( Atleast for 6 hours)

Soak Daal seperately (at least for 1 hour)

1. Grind the Daal first with little water, as and when add water. Run the grinder with daal at least for one hour.

It reaches a stage, where if you touch the batter with the wet fingers, dough will not stick in to your fingers.

Take it out and keep it separately.

2. Grind Rice, at least for 40 mins, till the rice becomes thick and soft batter.

3. Mix both nicely using your hand (very important, as it is required to ferment the batter.)

4. Add salt and mix well.

5. Allow this batter to ferment at least for 10 – 12 hours.



6. Pour 1.5 cups of water into the idli Cooker, allow it to boil, by the time pour the batter into the idli stands, fix the idly stand into the cooker close it, steam it for 10 – 12 mins.

You will get fluffy and soft idlies.        

Serve Hot with Chutny / Sambar /  Chutny powder and ghee.

You can also find IDLY Ready mixes available in the market. :-)

You can find a lot of  ready mixes for chutney, sambar, Chutney powder. :-)

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2 Responses to Kushboo Idly

  1. K.PUGAZHENDI says:

    I have tried Kushboo idly, strictly adhereing to the given guidlines. I have noticed the following:

    Though it was soft, it was not fluffy.

    It was not all that white.

    I have uses raw Sonam Masoori rice. Pl. enligten me, whether the Sonam rice to be used is Raw rice or boiled rice or idly rice.

    Thanking you.

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